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Kame Krew is a NFT (non-fungible token) collection on the Cardano blockchain. It is a utility-driven project that seeks to use NFTs as a game changer for charitable causes. A pre-season Kame Krew NFT entitles you to fitness and martial arts training opportunities with qualified and experienced instructors and exclusive access to "fight/arcade nights", special airdrops, and completing exclusive sets grants access to workshops and seminars. Above all, you will know that 50% of your support will go directly to Wor. Watthana (a small Muay Thai gym seeking to change lives) and you can be part of a passionate community.

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The Team (Kame, for now)

Marble Surface

Who is Kame?

Hi! If you're looking for the team, it's me - Kame (pronounced kah-may). Outside of the Cardano space, I am a continuing teacher, coach, and martial artist. Athletics and martial arts changed my life (and continue to) and they provide me with the purpose and discipline to continue to evolve. I've worked with children and youth for over two decades and much of my goals revolve around improving conditions for those experiencing poverty.

I am currently a one-man team but have the support of an amazing dev team in Anvil behind the project. I am grateful for the outpouring of constant support from friends in Cardano community, and am looking forward to rounding out the rest of my team after the "pre-season".

Sneak Peeks of The Kames

Check out our NFT Twitter @KameKrewCNFT for regular updates and more sneak peeks. Traits for this project are inspired by the Brazilian jiujitsu belt system, Cardano, and some of the founder's favourite people and things.

Sneak Peeks
Wor. Watthana

Our Inspiration: Wor. Watthana Gym


The husband and wife duo strive every day to give these kids a chance to dream and escape the cycle of poverty.

I would encourage you to ,check out their web site and Instagram account.

Wor. Watthana

Safety, health, education, and family.

Frances and Boom Watthanaya make up an amazing couple that is literally changing lives of children in one of Thailand's poorest regions.

It started with just a couple kids from the neighbourhood observing Frances as she conducted her Muay Thai training. The kids started to train, more kids came, and many of them stayed.

Kids who have no other place to be or people to care for them find a home at Wor. Watthana - where Muay Thai is changing their lives for the better. Whether they train Muay Thai for fun or become serious athletes, Wor. Watthana is a place for them to grow. 


Project Whitepaper

Complete Whitepaper + Roadmap (link to PDF)


Our Partners/Supporters

The moving gallery below highlights this project's partners and supporters - both IRL (in real life) and in the Cardano community. Click to learn more about Kame Krew's extended family.

Cardojo: Weekly space hosted by Kame & Edwin Nieves on the topic of martial arts x Cardano - also a Catalyst proposal by the same name focused on Cardano education, onboarding, and adoption.

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